You want to start with good photos when you are using them as the base for making your pet's images in Midjourney

Here are 10 tips for taking appealing photos of your pet

Key Takeaways

Select the right location, background and lighting

Keep your camera steady

Make sure the eyes are in focus

Emphasize your pets best qualities


  • 1. Select a photo location that is both comfortable for your pet and free from distracting elements. Your pet's behavior and character can be best captured in photos in a familiar place.
  • 2. For optimal lighting, take advantage of natural light by positioning near a window or outdoors during the golden hour, which casts a soft, warm glow in the photos.
designer working with cat

Background For Photos

  • 3. If you are using a solid color background, make sure it is non- reflective and compliments your pet’s coloring
  • 4. If you  are using the room as background, it is often a good idea to blur the background a little to keep the emphasis on the pet


  • 5. Camera or cell phone. Use a tripod to keep it steady
  • 6. Get down to your pet’s eye level
  • 7. Make sure the eyes are in focus – this is the key to a pleasing animal photos
  • 8. Toys to attract your pet’s attention

Pet’s Appearance

  • 9. Emphasize your pet’s best qualities like:
    • eyes
    • fur pattern and texture
    • facial expression


  • 10. After you’ve made your photos, select your favorites.
    • Then it’s time to go to Midjourney
  • These are great tips! I’ll have to try this out if my pups are ever calm enough to sit and take a picture. lol They are super energetic and love to play. Although, I have gotten a few shots of them in a relaxed state.

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