What is PLR and why should I care?

PLR stands for private label rights - also called Commercial use rights. This means that if you buy a PLR item, you can sell it to others for their PERSONAL use. It's best to make some changes in the item you buy so that it won't look exactly like the ones being sold by other people who bought the PLR item.

Examples of PLR include templates for journals, cards, posters, checklists, kids activities and more.

This can be a great way to increase your income without hiring artists and designers.

Create printable products faster and more easily

Whether you prefer PowerPoint or Canva templates, Becca Katz Printables has a whole range of beautiful and practical items to bring additional value to your business.

50% commission on PLR

Payments every Sunday via PayPal

30% commission on courses

Hybrid cookie.

Become An Affiliate

Earn commissions when you successfully promote my products

How to Promote: Just create an account, if you don't have one and log in and grab your affiliate links. You can promote the site with a general affiliate link or by specific products. 

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