Chances are you will never be in a disaster situation. But we have no control over weather, earthquakes, train derailments and so much more. Don’t let a lack of preparation result in tragedy.

This is Part 1 of Making a Disaster Plan For Your Pets

ID Your Pet

Make sure that cats and dogs are wearing collars and identification tags that are up to date.

You’ll increase your chances of being reunited with pets who get lost by having them microchipped. Make sure the microchip registration is in your name.

The person who finds your pet won’t be able to scan for a chip – they’ ll look for a tag. But collars and tags can get lost in an emergency. The microchip won’t.

Put your cell phone number on the tag.

cat with ID tags


Make sure vaccines are current and have copies available for shelters, rescues, hotels, kennels, etc, that will require them.

Emergency Kit

Food and water for 5 or more days for each pet, bowls, can opener.

First aid kit

Litter box, litter

Leashes and carriers

Photos of pets

Written instructions

Toys and blankets

dog in a hotel


Secure a safe lodging place for you and your pet ahead of time. Emergency shelters get full and refuse to take pets, so have alternate plans.

Gather info from your Office of Emergency Management (OEM) and from social media in advance. You want to know the locations of emergency shelters and which ones take pets.

Other lodging options:

Pet friendly hotels outside the disaster area. Make a reservation as soon as you think you might need it.

Friends or relatives outside the disaster area.

Boarding kennels, day care, vet’s offices. Make a list with locations and phone numbers

What if you’re not home when disaster strikes?

Make a plan way ahead of time with someone you trust.

Give them your keys, pet instructions, where the pets hide when they are scared and an agreed-upon location to meet them.

  • VERY well put together and thoughtful! I have had to do something similar for my dogs, when in active abuse. Great post!

  • so very useful for all pet parents.. it is always sad to read about lost pets and this can help so much

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