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When we picture a homeschooling family, we often imagine a stay-at-home mom, a working dad, and one or two kids. While this scene may be what we picture with regard to homeschooling, it is not necessarily typical.

Mothers are often discouraged from home schooling their children because they work outside the home. They have been told that it's simply not possible to home school their kids and work, too. But it is actually possible. If you are trying to juggle homeschooling and working outside the home, or are just considering the possibility, here are some tips that may help.

Get rid of assumptions:

Get rid of assumptions about how long a school day needs to be. If you grew up in the public school system you’ll tend to think of school as taking all day, from early morning to mid- or late afternoon. However, the homeschooling day is usually shorter than the public school day.

Homeschooling is more focused, has fewer students, and does not have to allow for transportation time and other activities. Compare this to the public school teacher who must spend some individual time with 25 or 30 kids. Depending on your curriculum and the number and age of your students, you could actually spend as little as 30 minutes each day homeschooling, and still be doing a thorough job.


Choose a curriculum that is not too complicated or involved. Look for curricula that are based on short, daily lessons that cover one or two subject a day. It’s a myth that you have to have lessons in every subject every day.

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Combine Tasks:

Combine errands in with your commute to and from work. For example, pick up reserved books at the library during lunchtime. Stop by the art store and market on the way home.

Enlist your daytime caregiver's help:

Let your kids' daily caretaker do some lessons with them, too. You may find that the caretaker appreciates having planned activities during the day.

Teach in the evening:

It's okay to homeschool in the evenings. You can do science projects or math problems after dinner. You can read at bedtime.

Plan ahead:

Make a schedule of lessons for each week so you maintain an organized teaching plan and you don’t waste time in the evening.

dad teaching girl

Include Dad:

Include Dad in the planning and teaching. Many Dads value this time with the kids and can provide a new perspective on the material being taught.  

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