Are you creating what you want in life & biz? The Great Big Life & Biz Bundle is a great resource to help you create the great big life and biz you dream of.

30+ tools, trainings & useful resources for your life & business. Here are a few of my favorites.

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5 holiday survival skills ad image

5 Coping Skills for Women to Survive the Holidays
by Karen Robinson

Fellow moms, does the holiday season leave you feeling panicky instead of joyful? Do bad memories, traumatic triggers, or icky childhood patterns resurface because you feel obligated to do family events? No more! Learn the 5 coping skills you need this season for less stress, more joy.

live high on a budget

LIVE Crash Course: A 6-Figure Lifestyle On A 5-Figure Income
by Katie McCarthy

Throw on your favorite t-shirt and brew up a good cup -- it's time to learn some amazing spending hacks from a pro! During this 30-minute crash course, I'll cover some unique ways to save on business expenses, fund your fun with rewards, and revamp your approach to disposable income.

lose clutter

Lose The Clutter, Not the Memories
by Mary Elizabeth O'Toole

If you want to minimize without fear of losing memories, join me for a 90-minute interactive workshop on strategies to declutter to simplify your life. You’ll discover ways to record your memories, share the stories and let go of things that do not bring you happiness, calm or inspiration.

There are a lot more resources in the bundle. Go check it out for yourself!

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