Seniors are often considered prime targets for various types of financial fraud, including check washing. There are several reasons why criminals focus their efforts on this demographic:

  1. Reliance on checks: Seniors tend to rely more on checks as a primary method of payment, as they may not be as comfortable with or have access to digital payment options. This increased usage of checks creates more opportunities for fraudsters to intercept and wash these checks.
  2. Trusting nature: Many seniors come from a time when trust in others was more common, making them more likely to believe in the good intentions of others. Scammers exploit this trusting nature to gain access to personal information and financial documents, including checks.
  3. Limited financial monitoring: Seniors may not be as familiar with online banking or may not use it regularly, resulting in less frequent monitoring of their financial accounts. This delayed detection of fraudulent activities, like check washing, gives criminals a greater window of opportunity to commit the crime and disappear before it's noticed.
  4. Cognitive decline: Some seniors may experience cognitive decline, such as memory loss or difficulties with decision-making, making it easier for criminals to deceive them and gain access to their checks or other financial information.
  5. Isolation: Seniors who live alone or have limited social interactions may be more vulnerable to financial fraud. Scammers may exploit this isolation by befriending the senior and gaining their trust, ultimately leading to financial exploitation.
  6. Wealth accumulation: Seniors typically have more significant savings and financial assets than younger individuals, making them more attractive targets for fraudsters looking to maximize their gains.

How to Protect Yourself from Check Washing and Other Financial Fraud

Here are some additional steps you can take to help protect yourself from check washing and other forms of financial fraud:

Get educated about the various types of financial scams and fraud, including check washing. Learn how important it is to stay vigilant. Keep up to date with the news so you know all the latest scams being used.

Use secure payment methods, such as electronic transfers or mobile payment apps, which can minimize the risk of check fraud. Contact your bank for assistance in setting up accounts. Your local representative may be able to direct you to additional sources of assistance.

Ask your bank for assistance in setting up alerts for suspicious account activity, tips on monitoring finances and how to report suspicious activity to the bank. Ask for help in enrolling in fraud prevention services, like transaction alerts, two-factor authentication, and credit monitoring.

Avoid using checks. If you must, mail them in the post office.

Organize your financial documents,  such as statements, checks, and bills, and ensure they are securely stored in a safe place.

Build a support network. This can include trusted family members, your banker, accountant lawyer and others who can provide reliable financial advice.


By being proactive in protecting yourself from check washing and other financial frauds, you can significantly reduce the risk of falling victim to such scams. Ensure that you have the knowledge and tools necessary to safeguard your financial well-being and maintain your financial independence.

  • Such good info! Luckily my mother is allowing my husband to moniter her banking. He caught 2 fraudulent charges in the last several months and the bank caught another one.

  • Important info for all ages. It’s sad that even the most knowledgeable can be taken of advantage of because of the scammers. Thanks for putting it all together to help others be more vigilant

  • The number of different types of scams out there is amazing! If those brains were used for good, what could we accomplish?

    My husband and I are very suspicious so these tips fit right into our philosophy. Thank you for sharing!

  • I’m a senior but I consider myself a “young” senior at 74. It boggles my mind when I see people getting caught up in scams and frauds because I feel they should know better especially since it’s talked about on the news so much. But on the other hand some are way to trusting of others. Thanks for the helpful information.

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