Key Takeaways

Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and PowerPoint are powerful design programs

Consider features, learning curve, cost and computer demands when deciding which is right for your project

Your business may require more than one of these programs

Selecting the right design software can make a significant difference for creative people. However, the numerous options available can make it challenging to choose the most suitable tool for specific requirements. This article will examine the advantages and of various popular design software programs.

Part 1 will examine the features of Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and PowerPoint. 

Part 2 will focus on Kittl, Affinity Designer, and Canva. Each software program brings its own unique strengths, from advanced functionalities to user-friendly interfaces. 

By the end of this exploration, you will have a clearer understanding of which software aligns best with your design projects.

Adobe Photoshop

Advantages and Disadvantages of Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop stands out as a powerhouse in the design realm, renowned for its advanced capabilities and comprehensive tools that cater to both professionals and enthusiasts. What are the pros and cons of incorporating Adobe Photoshop into your design endeavors.

Benefits of Adobe Photoshop:

1. Advanced Image Editing Tools: Photoshop is celebrated for its powerful editing features, allowing users to retouch photos, create graphics, and design web layouts with precision and control.

Whether adjusting simple elements like brightness and contrast or utilizing complex functions such as masks and layers, Photoshop offers a seamless editing experience.
2. Extensive Tool Variety: One of its major strengths lies in the wide array of tools it offers, ranging from basic brushes to intricate 3D modeling features.

With support for multiple file formats and seamless integration with other Adobe products, Photoshop proves to be a versatile option for diverse design requirements. Its comprehensive toolset caters to both novices and seasoned professionals.
3. Industry-Leading Status: Adobe Photoshop holds a prominent position as the industry standard in image editing software, widely utilized in photography, graphic design, and digital art. This widespread usage translates to a plethora of tutorials, courses, and resources tailored to Photoshop, simplifying the learning process. 

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Drawbacks of Adobe Photoshop:

1. Steep Learning Curve: The vast array of tools in Photoshop can be daunting for newcomers, requiring a significant investment of time and effort to grasp its functionalities.

Navigating through the multitude of options and tools may prove challenging for beginners, necessitating dedication to achieve proficiency with the software.
2. High Cost: Adobe Photoshop comes with a substantial price tag, operating on a subscription-based model that entails ongoing payments rather than a one-time fee.

This pricing structure may pose a financial challenge for many individuals, particularly freelancers or those on a tight budget. While cheaper or free alternatives exist, they often lack the extensive features offered by Photoshop.
3. Resource Intensive: Photoshop's demanding nature can strain a computer's resources, especially when working with large files or utilizing advanced features.

Users with older or less powerful systems may encounter performance issues such as lagging or crashes, disrupting workflow and reducing productivity.

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is widely beloved by designers for its ability to create stunning vector graphics. Illustrator offers numerous benefits. However, like any tool, it comes with both advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Adobe Illustrator

Exceptional Vector Graphic Quality: Adobe Illustrator excels in producing high-quality vector graphics. Vector graphics can be resized without any loss of quality.

Scalability: Illustrator ensures that your designs remain crisp and clear regardless of their size, from business cards to billboards.

Extensive Feature Set: Illustrator boasts a wide array of tools for drawing, coloring, and editing vector graphics.

Industry Standard: Illustrator has wealth of tutorials and resources available for learning.

Precision and Control: Illustrator provides precise control over designs with tools like paths, grids, and guides, allowing for accurate drawing, perfect alignment, and flawless layouts.


Disadvantages of Adobe Illustrator

Complexity: Illustrator's extensive feature set can be overwhelming, particularly for beginners.

Occasional Crashes: Regular saving and backups are necessary

Cost: Adobe Illustrator is relatively costly compared to other design software, operating on a subscription basis.

Resource Intensive: Illustrator demands a powerful computer for optimal performance.


Microsoft PowerPoint has long been a popular choice for creating presentations, favored by professionals, educators, and students alike. With its array of features, it caters to many business needs.

Advantages of Microsoft PowerPoint

User-friendly interface. Easy to create edit presentations without extensive training. 

Learning Curve: not steep since so many people already use it in school or business as part of the Office Suite of software

Features: Templates and themes for quick design, animations and transitions for added flair, and the ability to integrate media such as images, videos, and audio clips seamlessly. 

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Disadvantages of Microsoft PowerPoint

Design capabilities are limited compared to specialized graphic design software like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator.

Over-reliance on built-in templates, can result in generic-looking presentations that lack originality.

Needs computer power. Presentations that are heavy on media, animations, or content can be slow to share or present on less powerful devices.


  • Helpful evaluations of creator software. I used to used both Photoshop and Illustrator back in the day and for a short bit under the subscription model, but now I’m mostly canva for my needs with YouTube thumbnails and other graphics for blogging. I barely used power point, sticking with the Mac version: Keynote, which worked well with my computer and needs.

  • Thank you for sharing this information I will be sharing with my son as we check out the program.

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