So you’ve made the decision to homeschool your child. You feel that it is the best option for their learning style. You’ve researched the laws for your state and set up a comfortable spot in your home.  What are your options for teaching materials. You may be surprised to find that there is an incredible variety of printable for homeschooling available. Printables are digital downloads, just download, print and use.

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Put together a curriculum on your own or take advantage of a pre-made curriculum so you avoid the hassles of planning every detail. There are many options in traditional and non-traditional curricula available as digital downloads. Decide which is best for your child, explore the options in printables for homeschooling on your computer and download your choice.

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A planner can be very useful for scheduling lessons, tracking assignments, tracking grades and credits and progress. A planner can be digital or printed it’s up to you! You can choose a planner that can be password protected. My favorite planner printables for homeschooling are colorful and have large blocks for writing.


Keep track of lesson plans, grades, time spent on lessons, attendance and much more with printable or digital grade books and worksheets.


Additional printable digital downloads are available to concentrate on science, math, writing, reading comprehension, handwriting and more. You can easily find digital downloads for teaching you child a foreign language, exploring dinosaurs or holiday crafts.

our Pick
wildlife activity book
handwriting practice

There is really no limit! Here are more resources available digitally:





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Once you check out all the available materials, you will be much more comfortable in pursuing the homeschooling route with your kids.

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