Many of us have found ourselves in a disorganized state in recent years. Whether it was the added responsibilities of homeschooling, remote working, limited access to shopping and events or weather-related disasters, we feel pulled in a hundred directions at once and don't know how to accomplish what we need to do. It's time to organize your life!

Take a deep breath and write down the 5 most important things to do this month. Then break each one down into small tasks that can be accomplished in less than 30 minutes each.

Decide how many 30 minute tasks you can fit in in one morning, in one afternoon, and write those down. Then get started! Set a timer on your watch. When the time is up, take a little break to stretch your legs and then move on.

Keep track of whether a 30 minute block of time is good or if you need to make adjustments. Is a certain time of day better for the more difficult items? Are there fixed items such as work, classes, bringing the kids to school that you need to fit in? How might you do that in a new way?

After you work on your tasks for a few days, you may find that a 10 minute task or a 20 minute task works better for you. You may need to adjust the number of tasks you try to fit into a morning, afternoon or evening. If so, make your adjustments and continue to organize your life.

I find that it helps me to stay organized if I can record all these things – major goals, tasks to be completed, successful completion, need for time adjustments, etc. in a planner or journal. This helps me to watch my progress and identify areas that need to be adjusted. You can find many suitable planners and planner pages on sites like Etsy.

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