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Home schooling can be very expensive or cost very little. It depends on your choices in terms of materials, time, and effort. Here are some things to keep in mind as you explore the question of homeschooling expense.

Don't Compete:

Don’t compete with other homeschoolers. When choosing a curriculum for your child, competition with other home schoolers can be counterproductive. Just because your neighbor spent hundreds of dollars on her curriculum this semester (some curricula do cost that much or more) doesn't mean you have to spend that much or more.

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Think Quality:

Large quantities of books and materials can be expensive, but a large quantity is not necessarily better. Examine each book to be sure it complements your child’s learning style and that it contains valuable information that is different from books you already own.

Many worksheets and other materials are available at low cost as digital downloads you can print yourself. The library can be a wonderful resource.

You may be able to construct your own manipulatives.

Consider field trips and other hands-on activities as a substitute for books and other printed matter.

Save your dollars for the unavoidable expenses, such as some art or science project supplies.

Family Income:

Home schooling becomes expensive when the parent doing the educating is spending those hours planning and teaching rather than earning money. Consider splitting home schooling and income earning so that both parents share in each and schedule learning time to allow for work time, making home schooling a less costly.


Internet and Library:

The internet and your local library are invaluable for saving you money for your home school. It seems there is a lesson for everything on YouTube. Ask your librarian to help you gather a collection of books for a unit study or other theme-based lesson.

Local Resources:

Your place of worship or local homeschooling society may hold free book giveaways where you can donate and/or collect all sorts of books and materials. August and January are common times for these events. Get involved in your local homeschool community to find out more about these types of sales and giveaways.


Join other homeschoolers in a co-op or other group. This can be a great way to save money. You can get group rates for field trip transportation and admission fees. Many homeschool group members lend or give away their materials or curricula.

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Based on these examples, it’s clear that Homeschooling doesn’t need to be an expensive proposition. A thoughtful and creative approach will help you reduce the costs.

  • Homeschool can be as cheap or as expensive as you decide to make it.
    I’ve used my own curriculum for just about free, but it takes more time and creativity.
    The last years ours has been more costly, as our boys are in high school and I’m working, so not as creative with them.

    I firmly believe that inexpensive is just as good as shelling out a ton. Kids are smart. Get them learning on their own! They will fly!

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  • The possibilities must be endless if the Internet is your best friend. Homeschooling must have changed dramatically within the last 20 – 30 years.
    What inspired you to homeschool your kids? (I assume you do)

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