November 8, 2021

My name is Becca. I don’t have a blog – until yesterday, that is. I sell online. I sell all sorts of things online, but I’ve never created a blog. Other sellers chat about the benefits – how you can make money blogging, meet new people - but when I think of blogging, I get the feeling that I get when it’s time to scoop the litter boxes.

But I know I have to do this. I chose my blog name, got hosting, added WordPress and a theme. I’ve spent the last week creating a website for my printables store, Becca Katz Printables. And an Etsy store by the same name. And a Facebook page. I was prepared to do this blogging thing.

When I heard from Paul Taubman that he was starting the Ultimate Blogging Challenge, I knew it was the key to finally start blogging

What happens in the Challenge is that you make a blog post every day for the month of November. You need to post it on your website, the UBC Facebook page & your Twitter feed. Make comments on a blog or 2. There is a suggestion every day for a topic so you don’t go crazy trying to come up with ideas.

I spent all day today learning how to post a blog on my site. My test blog post looks pretty good. Now I’m going to create one to post in FB and Twitter

And that is how you start blogging.


About the author 

beccak - Becca Katz

Becca Katz is the owner of Becca Katz Printables, a shop specializing in paper products that can be downloaded and printed. These include calendars, planners, kids educational materials and games, party goods, and puzzles.
She also designs clothing to sell in the Katnovations Etsy shop, birthday shirts sold in the It's Your Birthday Etsy shop, books on Amazon KDP and a wide range of other products on Redbubble and Amazon.

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