Looking back over the first half of 2023, what were the popular design trends for printables on Etsy that led to sales?

Big Text

Using large, bold typography can make a statement and grab the viewer's attention. Whether it's for a poster, affirmation cards, a brochure, or business cards, big text adds a powerful element to your design.

affirmation cards using a Big Text design


Minimalist designs often use a limited color palette, simple shapes, and negative space to create a sleek and sophisticated look.

minimalist art red grey black


Relaxed, bold, and unconventional designs. The look typically involves an mix of natural elements and many colors, patterns, textures and plants.

boho feather design


Abstract art uses shapes, forms, lines and textures to create a design that doesn’t represent a real object

abstract design spheres red green


Women, softness, floral, pink designs, correlate with cultural female  stereotypes

feminine design pink floral soft

  • That is so interesting because I am now involved in my second art challenge since February 21st, and I have put effort into doing nearly everything that you mentioned were design trends! And I didn’t even know it! What a great blog post, and thank you for confirming that my art may actually be up to date!

  • The abstract one is right up my street. Love the colours and relaxed vertical design

  • Interesting! I have considered trying to do an Etsy shop, but that’s as far as I have gotten.

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