Last December I fell and fractured my pelvis. I was in a lot of pain and couldn’t move much. When I was finally able to walk and sit. I found that I had severe leg weakness. I have just begun to do physical therapy. I decided to look for additional safe and effective ways to improve my muscle strength. How can I increase muscle mass? Eating protein. Resistance training.

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How does eating protein improve muscle mass? If you could break down protein into its smallest molecules, (actually, your body does this during digestion), you’d discover that they are amino acids. Your muscles experience wear and tear when you use them and they repair themselves and become stronger using these amino acids. We can’t manufacture these amino acids internally; we get them from the food we eat.

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Eating protein allows your body to have a supply of amino acids building blocks ready to construct the larger molecules that will be used to make muscle fibers that repair the micro-damage that occurs during use.

Excellent sources of protein include beef, pork, fish, poultry, eggs, beans & lentils, nuts, and dairy products like cheese and plain yogurt. Choose proteins and preparations that limit fat.

We can build muscle just during the activities of everyday life, but using muscles more, especially during resistance training, builds more muscle faster.

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Providing the protein for you muscles to “eat” isn’t enough. They need to be hungry. Resistance training exercise are the most efficient way to do this. You can join a gym and use the weights and machines there, hire a personal trainer or use one of the many programs on the internet for working out at home. There are even special strength training programs for seniors and disabled people and people who cannot exercise on the floor. Your insurance may provide a program free of charge, so be sure to contact your carrier.

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By eating protein and limiting high glycemic index carbs, you may find that any excess weight becomes easier to lose, which is a significant benefit.

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