Raising grandchildren affects every aspect of your life. So there are many challenges.


There may be challenges obtaining custody, getting medical care, enrolling the children in school and disputes with the children’s parents or whe other set of grandparents.


Grandparents on a limited fixed income have difficulty paying for food, clothing, medical care, school supplies and entertainment for their grandkids.


The parenting style they used for their children may be successful for raising their grandchildren, but if not, they will need to seek assistance.

Grandchildren may be experiencing behavioral, academic and emotional problems related this enormous change in their lives.


Many grandparents already have health problems and less energy than in their parenting days.


Raising grandkids reduces or eliminates time for caring for themselves and social time with other adults.

Availability of Social Services

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has a FACT SHEET for grandfamilies that lists links to available services

There is also a Kinonnector Hotline in PA for finding Resources for Grandparents Raising Grandchildren.

What are the challenges that you face or had faced? If you are a parent or have fond memories of your grandparents raising you, feel free to share your personal experiences and views in the comment below.

  • Kate, 2 things pop for me. 1) We need different grandparenting skills than were needed 30 years ago. Life is not the same and children are not the same. 2) The Pennsylvania fact sheet is actually a wonderful, beefy 16-page resource book, and it is needed! Some of the languaging suggested it might be available for other states–something I will keep in mind.

  • Good info, Kate. I’m not raising grands but your post has helped me become more aware of the challenges that they face. Thank you!

  • Greetings, this is good information to help people be aware of grandparents challenges. I am not a parent or grandparent, but I do have a friend that works as a paralegal and is very familiar with grandparent’s rights, and they have been able to establish special visiting times with their estranged child to be able to see their grandchildren. Thank you for sharing.

  • Thank you for sharing this and I have friends raising there grandchildren. I never thought of it but I need to volunteer to watch the kids so they can get out for a bit. Or even just do something in their homes they never have time for. Or take them a meal so they don’t have to cook.

  • Love that you are tackling so many issues that grandparents and seniors are likely to face but won’t realize until it is upon them..

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