Not only is eating protein good for losing weight. There are additional benefits to eating proteins like beef, pork, chicken, fish, eggs, dairy, beans, lentils and nuts. If you’re not eating protein every day, now is the time to start.

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Protein fills you up

  • Eating protein fills you up, so you’re less likely to snack on sugars and starches. You’ll feel more energized.
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    Protects your heart

    Increased protein and decreased high glycemic index carbs can help protect your heart. Think about the benefits of the Mediterranean diet.

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    Builds muscle mass

    Eating protein plus working out builds muscle mass. We need to eat protein to get the essential amino acid building blocks that our bodies can’t manufacture on their own.

    More muscle mass burns more calories and increases resting metabolic rate. More muscle mass makes you stronger and more productive.

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  • I like proteins and meat, too. I do get my veggies but I could not get by on them solely.

  • It’s good to hear someone else say that proteins are important. And what do you think of collagen powders, as a supplement?

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